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Exactly what does a negative betting line mean?

Sports Betting Terms And How To Bet On Sports

For decimal odds, the number represents the total payout, rather than the profit. In other words, your stake is already included in the decimal number , which makes its total payout calculation easier. If you are planning to start betting—be it casino gambling, sports betting, or any other type—it’s important to understand the odds. After all, the entities we are wagering on are just trying to win the game, rather than win or not lose by a certain amount. When we bet on the money line, we are betting on the precise thing that teams are trying to accomplish, which is naturally to win the game. Conversely if the odds are unfavourable (odds-on, i.e. for each one unit stakes you will win less than one unit) then American odds are displayed negatively.

When the books become more confident in their numbers, they expand the limits. Again, most often the books follow the leads of the market setters with some small variation based on house risk. Imagine you see the Lions +7.5 against the 49ers and, for some reason, you’re very excited to back the Lions.

Of course, it’s a lot harder to nail three or four bets all at once as opposed to just wagering on a single game, or betting on each of those games separately. Here’s where that Patriots-Chiefs game comes back into play. All implied probability means is the chances a team has to win expressed as a percentage out of 100 in relation to what their listed odds are. Understand the different types of betting odds as well as what they represent (i.e., implied probability). Use the drop-down menus at the top of the odds feed to change your odds boards.

If the Nittany Lions lose by 1-6 points or win the game, you win your bet. The team you bet still needs to cover the spread, but the American odds indicate how much you need to risk for that bet. Betting on the favorite allows bettors to get a jump on this, as long as the favorite starts strong. To find the best betting sites available in the US, check out our list of top sportsbooks currently operating.

It is then up to the better to realize if they believe the odds that the bookmaker are offering are fair. The underdogs get a plus symbol, i.e., the higher the value, the greater the underdog. In this case, a +300 underdog is more likely to win against a +400 underdog. In the following sections, we will provide examples of how to read different odds and different formats. When you place a bet if the first thing you look at isn’t the odds then we would suggest that you are doing something wrong and you need to address this before you go any further.

He takes the favorite in each game, but because of the aggregate risk, the entire parlay still offers him odds at +225. If you are new to sports betting, you may be surprised to learn about all the different types of bets available online. The only tricky part about decimal odds is that figuring out how decimal and fractional odds relate to each other is not as simple as in normal mathematics.

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